Institutional Framework

Council of Ministers for Sustainability

Multisectoral body headed by the Ministry of the Environment, with the participation of the Ministries of Agriculture, Finance, Health, Economy, Energy, Public Works, Housing and Urban Development, Transport and Telecommunications, Mining, and Planning. Among other tasks, the Council is responsible for proposing to the President of the Republic policies for the sustainable management and use of natural resources. In this regard, the Council of Ministers will provide the high-level policy guidelines for the measures envisaged in the Chile Carbon Price Project, especially during the road map towards a political decision on the application of carbon price instruments and their role in the country’s overall climate policy.

Marcelo Mena Carrasco

Minister for the Environment (Coordinator)

Carlos Barraza Gómez

Minister for Social Development

Aurora Williams Baussa

Minister of Mining

Paulina Saball Astaburuaga

Minister for Housing and Urban Development

Alberto Undurraga Vicuña

Minister for Public Works

Andrés Rebolledo Smitmans

Minister for Energy

Luis Felipe Céspedes Cifuentes

Minister of Economy

Rodrigo Valdés Pulido

Minister for Finance

Carlos Furche Guajardo

Minister for Agriculture

Governing Board and Consultative Group of Experts


The Governing Board is the main forum for participation, collaboration and consultation through which its members provide technical and political guidance linked to the objectives and expected results of the Chile Carbon Price Project. It is headed by the Ministry of Energy, with the participation of the Ministries of Agriculture, Economy, Environment, Finance, Foreign Affairs, Mining, and of Transport and Telecommunications.

The Consultative Group of Experts (CGE) is a consultative and representative body of different sectors of civil society. Its purpose is to discuss and make non-binding pronouncements on the design and implementation of carbon price instruments (CPIs) -including market mechanisms that promote low carbon development-, as well as on auxiliary measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions registry instruments.

To ensure pluralism, technical knowledge and representativeness, the CGE is made up of actors from industry associations, academia, GHG emission verifiers, research organisations, and non-governmental organisations linked to the energy and/or environmental sector.

Paula Rodríguez

Lawyer, Adviser to the Cabinet Minister
Minister of Economy

Cristian Romero

Lawyer, Cabinet Minister
Ministry of the Economy

Isabel Rojas

Professional Department of Environmental Economics Ministry of the Environment

Rodrigo Pizarro

Head of Environmental Economics Division
Ministry of the Environment

Julio Cordano

Head of the Climate Change Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Marcela Palominos

Coordinator of the Sustainable Economic Growth and Natural Resources Management Area
Ministry of Finance

Sofía Aroca

Economic Advisor
Under-Secretary for Finance

Pablo Salgado

Environmental Coordinator Standards and Operations Division Environmental Coordinator

Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications

Claudia Ayala

Department of Economics, Energy and Sustainable Development Advisor

Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Matías Pinto

Legal Advisor Energy, Trade and Sustainable Development

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ximena Alcayaga

Services Commission

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

María de la Luz Vásquez

‎Head of Environmental Unit

Ministry of Mining

José Antonio Prado

Advisor to the Ministry of Agriculture on Climate Change

Ministry of Agriculture

Angelo Sartori

National Coordinator of Forests and Climate Change of CONAF
Ministry of Agriculture

Jaeel Raysa Moraga Veras

Ministry of Agriculture

Nuria Briceño

Expert on Climate Change Unit CONAF
Ministry of Agriculture

Claudio Seebach

Executive Vice President
Chilean Guild Association of Generators (AGG)

Jorge Gómez

Chilean Guild Association of Generators (AGG)

Carlos Finat

Executive Director
Chilean Renewable Energy Association A.G. (ACERA)

Rosa Serrano Sanhueza

Director of Studies and Regulation
Association of Electricity Companies (AG)

Jorge Cáceres Tonacca

Executive Director
SOFOFA Environment Center

Guillermo Jiménez

Director Energy Center
Universidad de Chile

Juan Pablo Montero

Professor at Center for Global Change
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Luis Cifuentes

Director at Green Lab
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Paula Riquelme

Confederation of Production and Commerce (CPC)

Marina Hermosilla

Executive Director CESUCC
Universidad de Chile

Raúl O`Ryan

Director of the Center for Energy Innovation at the Adolfo Ibáñez University

Pilar Moraga

Academic Line Director Faculty of Law
University of Chile

Marcelo Fernández Gómez

Project Manager
Mario Molina Center Chile

Carlos Berner

General Manager
Santiago Weather Exchange (SCX)

Fernando Córdova

Senior Manager, Sustainability and Climate Change Area

Fernando Cubillos

Antuko Energy

Ricardo Bosshard

WWF Chile

Paola Vasconi

Political Affairs Coordinator

Claudia Escalera

President of the Civil Society Council
Ministry of Energy

Ramón López

Professor Department of Economics Universidad de Chile