Consultancy for the “Diagnosis of the security system and computing procedures of the Ministry and Superintendency of the Environment in general and Register of Emissions and Transfers of Contaminants in Particular”

Status: Published | Tender No: 1606-7-LP16 | Closing Date: 21 – 10 – 2016
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Agency Description: Chilean Agency for International Cooperation – AGCI: Diagnosis of the Security System and Computing Procedures of the Ministry and Superintendence of the Environment in General and Registration of Pollutant Emissions and Transfers in Particular. The objective of the tender is to contract the services of an entity that can conveniently provide the AGCI with a detailed diagnosis of the physical, coherent and professional conditions installed in the MMA to house the Registry that will support the application of the carbon tax and develop a computer security protocol for the carbon tax and other potential economic instruments. Details of the services required are given in the Technical Bases.